Fun Things to do in Lake Titicaca, Peru

There is so much to see and experience in Lake Titicaca and if you are going there for the first time, making a choice will be a difficult task.  To help you with this, here are some of the fun things you can engage in any time you are at Lake Titicaca:

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Visit the Uros Island

Every time you go to Lake Titicaca, you’ll find it exciting to visit the Uros Island, commonly referred to as the floating island. Here, the residents live in homes made using reeds and it will be exciting to get a view of these unique structures. You’ll find more than 40 floating islands in Lake Titicaca and spending your day checking out this unique way of life is exciting.

Attend the La Candelaria Feast Festival

La Candelaria is among the best festivals in Puno that happens every beginning of February and goes on for two weeks. The festival usually takes place on Lake Titicaca shores and is done in honor of the Virgin Mary. You’ll enjoy amazing music, great food, parades, and get to try some of the traditional attires. You can make arrangements to go to Lake Titicaca at a time when this festival is happening and get to enjoy the fun at the festival.

Visit Sillustani Ruins

Sillustani ruins, which are located close to Titicaca comprises of 28 stone-made burial towers, commonly referred to as chullpas. The ruins overlook Lake Umayo and you’ll have an amazing time going through the ruins. It is believed that Sillustani ruins were full of fine foods, jewels, and crafts, among other expensive possessions. The ruins were used as a burial tower for the rich which is the reason behind the expensive possessions found there.

Visit the Island of the Sun

The island is the largest in Lake Titicaca and has some exciting places you can visit. You can choose to go to the Gold Museum where you’ll get to see some amazing Inca artifacts. There are wonderful accommodations on the island where you can spend the night so that you can enjoy the impressive lake view even more.

Go on a Road Trip

To get a better view of Lake Titicaca, you can go on a road trip where you’ll get to see the russer-colored quinoa, purple-flowering potato plants, and the blue-flowering tarwi. There are also some indigenous buildings including churches built in the 18th century along the way and you’ll love taking photos of these as well. As you embark on your journey, you can make some stop-overs to enjoy the sun as you capture some amazing moments.

To get the best of Lake Titicaca, it is advisable to spend more than just a day. Spending some nights and days will allow you to taste the best of the beautiful land and take part in the fun activities going on in Lake Titicaca.

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