Top Sites in Yoho National Park, Canada- Don’t Miss Sites

Yoho National Park stretches over the Rocky Mountains that adjoin Banff National Park and Kootenay National Park. The park has an amazing mountain scenery whose peaks are covered with snow, attractive lakes, and thundering rivers. Yoho national park is also among UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites after its listing in 1985. Here are some of the top sites you cannot afford to miss in Yoho National Park:

Takawa Falls

Takawa Falls, which is among the biggest falls in N. America, is among the most interesting sites in Yoho. The waterfall gets its water from the Daly Glacier, which is a section of Waputik Icefield. By standing near its base and then look up, the water mist from the waterfall will feel like a spray. 

Even before you get off the parking lot, you’ll love the spectacular view of the waterfall. You can, however, take a closer look at the waterfall by moving near the base of the waterfall. Alternatively, you can move to the hiking trail that leads to the mountainside just opposite the waterfall. Here, you’ll not only get a better view of the waterfall but you’ll also be able to see the glacier. The hiking bit will be tiresome but the amazing view will be worth every effort.

Lake O’Hara

Lake O’Hara is among the most outstanding sights in Yoho National Park. The lake has turquoise color and is surrounded by mountains that are fabulous for hiking. The mountains provide a view of the lake which makes your trip worthwhile. The best part is that you don’t have to leave on the same day dine you can spend the night at O’Hara Lodge or in the campground. 

It is important to note that there is a limit to the number of people traveling by bus to the Lake. You’ll need to book in advance or alternatively, walk to the lake. There is no limit to the number of visitors that can walk to Lake O’Hara as long as you can bear the 30km journey. Biking to Lake O’Hara is prohibited.

Since there is a limited campsite at the lake, you need to make your booking in advance at the park’s office. If you want to use the lodge, you need to book your reservation one year before the time you place to visit Yoho National Park.

Emerald Lake

Just like its name, Emerald Lake has an emerald color and is located at the base of the President Range Mountains. Along the lake’s shoreline is a restaurant which is open to the public where you can spend the night after an exciting day.

To make your visit more exciting, you can go for hiking either at the Lake Circuit, Burgess passes, or at the Hamilton Lake Trail, among others.

Wapta Falls

Just before you get to the entrance located at the west of Yoho National Park, you’ll branch off on the 4-kilometer road that leads to Wapta Falls. Here, you’ll enjoy the beautiful view of Kicking Horse River as it cascaded over the wide rocks.

When planning a visit to Yoho National Park, do not be in a rush to leave as there is too much to see. The time you’ll spend here is worth it as you’ll create some beautiful memories that will last forever.

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